This tiny suburban back yard was formerly a muddy patch of lawn, barely used, when the homeowners first invited me to re-design the space that was overwhelming to them. From our initial visit, the Leons favored an outdoor style like they found on travels to France. We collaborated on this design for a month, and Joy Creek Nursery's wonderful installation crews installed it in 2010. How much gardens can be transformed still impresses me! What was once uninviting and even unusable because of the drainage and privacy issues, now is one of the most favorite places of their home.  We eliminated the lawn, removed poorly performing trees and shrubs, added drainage and privacy screening, re-purposed existing plants by moving them to better locations.  Two terraces--one for dining and one for lounging--are set on the diagonal, which expand the space visually. The space has a feeling of being larger than it is. The whole garden is now inviting, relaxing, low maintenance...and a pleasure.