You are one of the most careful, caring, detail-oriented persons I know that is also gifted in the tech field. ... You are a gem!
— Phil Thornburg, President, Association of Northwest Landscape Designers
[The garden] feels so cozy and hidden. It feels secluded from the rest of the world. ...I could spend hours sitting right here.
— visitor in Tour Garden designed by Alyse
I could sit down and meditate in any part of this garden. It has such a peaceful feel.
— visitor in Tour Garden designed by Alyse
This [design] has been some of the best money we’ve spent on the building of this house. You’ve given us a really solid handle on this garden—where to go with it. Your ideas are well presented, well organized. Everything is very clear.
— Jeremy Barnaby, Scappoose, OR
We’ve dealt with our fair share of professional service providers, and you have been one of the absolute best folks to work with... One thing that sets you apart from the others is, you care. And it’s appreciated.
— Heidi Barnaby, Scappoose, OR
Just a quick photo to show you our front yard as we think of you often! We have so enjoyed your design work at all seasons, and we get so many compliments!
— Doug and Terry Rathkey, clients, Portland OR
You do such wonderful work. We were extremely happy with what you did at the Peak Road house and are really looking forward to working with you on [our new] house too!
— W. Wilson, Warren OR
You...have been delightful to work with. You are very gifted and I look forward to many more years of working together (in all our gardens!). Merci.
— Regan & Gina Leon, clients, Portland, OR
We love the back yard...we had 50+ people hanging out for Brian’s birthday this summer...a huge volleyball game on the lawn, and crowds on the deck and patio. We get tons of compliments. I even had a girlfriend—who I consider an amazing gardener—come take pictures because she loves how you organized everything.
— Delyn Schuler, Portland, OR
...Kristen’s garden looks so good! You really transformed that space.
— J. Williams, contractor
Your design has come together VERY nicely... We are extremely proud of this accomplishment... It is going to be fun to watch it mature over the next few years.
— Brad Spiering, Hillsboro, OR
You continue to amaze me with your professionalism and thorough nature.
— Bruce Hegna, co-committee member on ANLD Garden Tour
Alyse’s garden had such a peaceful feel—the perfect balance of positive and negative space. Awesome canopy—just a single perfect Japanese maple, which made the garden very comfortable on a warm day. Lots of places to go and sit, where you got completely different views of the garden... [The homeowner] is very sweet and really appreciates Alyse.
— Lori Scott, ANLD Garden Tour Committee
We love our new garden....We had a garage sale this weekend, and you know how everyone in the neighborhood has to come, all those people, some of them strangers, were coming up and telling us how wonderful our yard looks. Mark and I are just thrilled. We absolutely could not have come up with this on our own. We couldn’t have done it without you.
— Diane Soderholm, Scappoose, OR
Alyse—Just a short message to let you know that your designs, ideas and drawings have been an inspiration.
— Michele Nelson & Tim Janke, Deer Island, OR
Alyse, I enjoyed working with you. [You are] a designer who is skilled and has integrity.
— Ann Nickerson, APLD, Designer
As Chairman of the OAN Theme Gardens Committee, I want to take this opportunity to offer a big ‘Thank You’ for graciously accepting the challenge of, not only designing a beautiful garden, but for taking on the responsibility of overseeing the construction....[Your team’s] ‘Renaissance in the Northwest’ Garden became the most talked-about garden at the show this year.
— Dave Sheline, Farwest Show, Theme Garden Committee Chair
My property has become a horticultural paradise under your tutelage!...
Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful assessment of the sculptures in the relation to the border. The ‘Desdemona’ is blooming. It looks alien and gorgeous.
— Jo Mancuso, client, Portland, OR